Cash Mgmt

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We offer separate solutions and software for:

Sweep Accounts

Let money sweep to and from accounts automatically as needed, eliminating manual transfers, cutting checks and making deposits at the bank.


Account analysis will ensure that commercial customers pay only for the services used, and fees may be offset by account balances – UNLIKE checking accounts that charge a flat monthly fee or require a minimum monthly balance. If you would like for us to calculate an analysis for your business account, please contact your Account Officer.

Wire Transfers

Same day wiring up to 3:30 pm, after 3:30 pm funds are wired on the next business day. Money can be wired from your Bank of Fayette County account to anywhere in the nation. For detailed information, contact our Wire Department at 901-854-2265.

Wire Transfer Fees

Transaction Type Fee
Incoming no charge
Outgoing Domestic $15
Outgoing International $55
Outgoing Incomplete determine by receiving institution

Merchant Deposit Capture

Capture your consumer checks, commercial checks, cashier’s checks and money orders electronically with a secure, accountable check processing system. Merchant Deposit Capture is like bringing our teller window to your business.

ACH Origination

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