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About Mission - people at a table talkingThe mission of The Bank of Fayette County is to be the financial institution of choice in the communities in which we operate while providing a fair return to our shareholders, offering quality financial services and products to our customers, and a work environment which encourages professional development and rewards productivity and innovation.

Within the Bank’s mission statement is the commitment to serve the Bank’s communities, stockholders, customers and employees. The Board of Directors, management and employees are committed to fulfilling the Bank’s mission.

The Bank is committed to the communities in which we operate. We provide financial support to numerous charities and civic clubs. We encourage our employees to volunteer their time to those organizations.

The Bank is committed to our shareholders. We constantly strive to produce an above average long-term return on equity. Also, we have created a market for stock transfers.

The Bank is committed to its customers. Our products are designed to meet the needs of customers, our hours are set to meet the needs of customers, and our employees are hired to meet the needs of customers. It is only through the accomplishment of the Bank’s mission that the financial benchmarks are achievable.

The Bank is committed to its employees. Without dedicated and responsible employees, it would be impossible for the Bank to be a responsible citizen of the community or to render high quality customer service. A goal of this Bank is to be a responsible employer. All Bank employees will be treated with dignity and respect. All will be given equal opportunity and a fair wage regardless of race, color, sex, age or physical condition.

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